Pokémon X & Y

The 12 Best Games on the 3DS

While Pokémon has always been a staple of Nintendo handhelds, Pokémon X & Y are definitely the highlights of the franchise. You’ll still play as a kid who catches and raises as many cool or cute creatures as he/she can, and you’ll use those beasts in battle against friends and rivals. But the games feel somehow more indulgent this time around. Pokémon can mega evolve into ridiculous forms. You can pet and play with your favorite ‘mon. You can dress your character up and be as stylish as you want. You can connect with players around the world and trade with ease, which really helps keep the game from feeling lonesome. And you’ll get to explore a country that looks suspiciously like France, all while shredding on skates or a bike.

A Good Match For: Those who don’t need a stiff challenge—the new Pokémonis definitely an RPG that you’ll play mostly because it’s charming, though competitive play does provide good material for those looking for a challenge.

Not a Good Match For: Jason Schreier, aka those looking for a mature, nuanced story—Pokemon likes to keep it simple. Also probably not a good match for people that dislike the idea of owning pets or raising cool/cute things.

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