Nintendo’s first mobile game is Miitomo, and it’s been delayed


Yesterday we told you that Nintendo would be unveiling its first smartphone app in partnership with DeNA today. That project is officially known as Miitomo and from the description, it sounds a lot like Secret with Miis instead of fancy blurred backgrounds. Certainly not the game announcement that we were expecting.

According to executive Shinya Takahashi, Miitomo is designed to help people who are shy and hesitant to talk more about themselves using the app. The real kicker here is that the service was supposed to launch by the end of the year, but now it won’t appear until March 2016. So what’s the reason for the delay?

According to president Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo needs more time to promote and explain the game. Obviously Nintendo didn’t want to spend the all-important holiday season trying to convince consumers they need a brand-new and untested product in a new industry. The silver-lining in this cloud is that Kimishima announced the next four smartphone games from the company will be pay-to-download, so lets hope they’re actually games.

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