Nintendo: we can reach and exceed Wii-level profitability in 3 years


Nintendo struck gold with the Wii. The console took the world by storm and sold over 100 million units, and the company actually made money on each unit sold, unlike the competition.

However, the Wii era is long gone, and the successor, the Wii U, has barely sold 10% of what the Wii has sold during its lifetime.

But Nintendo isn’t worried. The company has very deep pockets (thanks to all the money the Wii and DS made), and they believe that they can reach and exceed the level of profitability of the Wii and DS last decade.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima told Japanese publication Nikkei that he believes that the company can get to their heights of the Wii and DS, and that they can even exceed that status. He said that “there is potential for vast profits, exceeding the level of Wii and DS times.”

Can Nintendo achieve that kind of success with the upcoming NX console? Kimishima also said that the NX will be a “totally new gaming experience”.

Thinking back to 2011, the Wii U was supposed to be a “totally new gaming experience”.

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