Mario Kart 7

The 12 Best Games on the 3DS

The Mario Kart formula wasn’t broken so you can’t say that Nintendo needed to fix it. What they did need to do, though, for the franchise’s 3DS debut was find a way to add new elements that would tap into the device’s key features. Hence, the addition of glider wings, aerial sections, submersible karts and underwater detours. You can steer using the gyroscope while airborne and the will get the benefit of a nice 3D pop when you’re soaring or submerged. Just goes to show that your wheels don’t have to be in the ground for a Mario Kartto still be great.

A Good Match for: Bumper car addicts. The wild unpredictability of Mario Kartraces are what make them so fun. Just like the theme park staple, there’s only a loose connection to these vehicles and actual real-world automobiles. Until Toyota includes a forcefield as a standard option, that is.

Not a Good Match For: Those who want customization choice. While the ability to swap out bodies and add on details is a new one in MK7, new parts get doled out to you automatically.

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