Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

The 12 Best Games on the 3DS2

Sequels don’t all have to be bad. Take Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. It’s a follow-up to sequel to the 2001 GameCube game that will make players chuckle, as Mario’s skinnier brother suck sucks up ghosts using a souped-up vacuum. More than that, though, it’s a new installment that successfully adds multiplayer and new mechanics—love that Dark Light!—in ways that don’t ruin an already-fun experience.

A Good Match For: Sidekick lovers. Sure, he’s a big ol’ fraidy-cat in this game but Luigi gets to amble through an exceedingly clever set of designs in Dark Moon. Whether it’s things like pulling away curtains to reveal coins and secret passages or stunning a handful of ghosts to suck them up all at once, Luigi feels resourceful in a way that’s not possible when he’s playing second fiddle to Mario.

Not a Good Match For: Those who want to leave previously explored environments behind. This Luigi’s Mansion makes you backtrack and revisit various levels a lot, without offering up compelling reasons for doing so.

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